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Marketing Strategy

"Give me 5 short days and I'll show you how you can create your marketing strategy   

From Vision to Victory: I’d like for you to imagine that we are on the phone at the end of the 5 days,  and everything that is presented to you, is more than what you expected.  Would you like more help to get to the finish line? 

Challenge Starts In:




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Join The ‘Your First Funnel Challenge’ For FREE And Learn From The Top 1% Of Entrepreneurs On How To Take Your Idea And Turn It Into A Highly-Profitable Business!


Why do some business owners fail
and others succeed?

Not knowing their Marketing Strategies or destination.


With Special Surprise Guest,

Daymond John!


Want To Know The FIRST Thing Daymond Would Do If He Agreed To Invest In Your Business...?

You guessed it... he’d build you a funnel!

Just like the countless other funnels he’s built for his own brand and other business ventures!

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'The 5 Day FREE Marketing Strategy Challenge
Let's Walk You Through Step-By-Step

Here’s What You’ll Learn:


Why do you want to be a Creative and Compassionate leader?

What kind of impact do you want to make?
* Do you struggle in coming up with a vision
* We'll cover the kind obstacles get in your own way to keep moving forward
* What the purpose or DNA of your business?
* We'll take your ideas and plan it out

Day Two

What are you offering, getting clear about your idea.  
*What services or products are you offering? 

*What are the pain points you are trying to solve?

Day Three

Strategies for creating a welcoming and inclusive community around your business.

* Work on your Marketing Strategy and goals 

 Day Four

Relationships, fostering a sense of belonging, and encouraging relationships with your customers.

* Developing your tactics and options
* Where you can find your tribe

Day Five

Defining Your  Audience: The importance of identifying a specific Avatar, and tailoring your marketing efforts to their preferences, needs, and pain points.

Niching down to know what your customer expects from you and creating the content for them. This involves conducting market research and creating customer personas.

What Are You Waiting For?!

We'll build a business community together!

Be Ready To Create Your Marketing Strategy From Scratch In Just 5 Days

What You Can Expect

From Vision to Victor,  Launching your Impact into a World of Infinite Possibilities. 

This 5 Day Challenge Will Help You To Create Your Own Marketing Strategy That will Increase Impact the those your want to serve

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This Marketing Strategy Challenge will help you to create impact and who you want to serve