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Crusader Roundtable Series 

We'll assist you on the road to success, face the complex challenges, so you won't have to do it alone. 

As a established Founder CEO/business owner, you have faced many challenges, it's time to have a group of other business owners come together to support each other.

The visionary round tables will be virtual and in local locations.

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 Crusader Roundtable Series

 it's been proven that companies with advisory boards are more successful than those who do not!  To be invited, to join the Crusader Membership group, use the reserve your seat above. 

Score CEO advisory board meeting

Benefits of a Joining a Roundtable Discussion Group

* How to find good talent and make progress in the chaos

* Learn how these discussions can be successful for you in whatever challenges you are facing

* Network and connect with other Founders and CEOs

* Gain a competitive advantage and higher performing organization for the future

* Learn how to make the right decisions

* Building a strong management team

* These discussion groups are based on what you need, there is a general structure overall they are your support network.

 the Roundtables

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